Unibest follows the smiling curve theory as a long-term strategy. We started in Ningbo, developed in Shanghai, and succesively own stocks of several chemical enterprises, relying on the close relationship of thousands of suppliers throughout the country, we are continously growing up.

In the future, we will further increase investment on R&D and marketing, the two core value chain. By strengthening R&D innovation and improving customer satisfaction, we can extend the ends of the smiling curve infinitely. At the same time, we will collaborate with factories closely to develop and run business sustainably.

Our marketing team is composed of different professional backgrounds with rich experience in the agricultural market segmentation of various countries, providing customers and farmers with market-oriented, differentiated, one-stop full process plant protection solutions, and full-process product solutions from product design, product development, product registration to product supply.

And we also appreciate feedback from customer about market demand, forecasting, etc.