China is the first largest pesticide producer in the world with the pesticide exports only occupying X position. As for the structure of pesticide exports, the technical material still accounts for about 70%, and a large majority of domestic technical material manufacturers focus their attention on the technical material export with less than 30% of preparation export. The pesticide preparations export in China holds a bright future. In the export processing business of pesticide preparations, unibest gives priority to the terminal service of pesticide preparations (i.e. small packaging).

In recent years, international pesticide formulations are developing in water-based, dust-free, ultrafine and microencapsulated directions. For example, such water-based pesticide formulations as SC, FS and EW replace much organic solvent with water, reduce residue of toxic substances in factory and become much friendlier towards environment. Thus they are called green pesticides. With such advantages as saving processing, transporting, warehousing and using costs, high-content and dust-free WDG gradually replaces traditional wettable powders. 

Unibest Supply-chain-collaboration platform, is connecting buyers and suppliers with financial institutions, and creating new opportunities for all

1) Unibest owns 4 production bases including synthesis and formulation and packaging

All located in state-level chemical industry park, and strictly region-segmented to prevent cross-contamination, can produce more 500 varieties of EC, SC, SL, SE, ME, EW, FS, OD, WP, WS, SP, WG, SG, DF,CS, ULV and other formulation types according to FAO specification, with its product and packaging quality reaching the highest level in china.

To improve the processing quality of SC and FS, the company continues to optimizing and improving production technique.
1.It combines jet stream mixing and shearing emulsifying together instead of single mixing or shearing, meanwhile supplements tube-type shearing to change the fineness and homogeneity of the materials before sanding and to greatly increase processing efficiency.
2.In the interim kettle, frequency-converting jet stream mixing is adopted to provide mixture before the material be sanded.
3.The material pumped out by the sand mill will be input into modulating through automatic delivering and metering device. In the phase of , the frequency-converting jet stream mixing and its vacuum device will offer technique condition for FS, SC viscosity making and film-forming mixing, Not only that, these measures can also prevent carbon dioxide and ammonia from ballooning in packaging bottle effectively.
4.To ensure SC, FS to be filled in the state of homogeneity and the paddle mixing will be the last step.
5.Advanced equipment including liquor vacuum delivery, pulse bag filter and water film dedusting system was used in the process of feeding will endure a clear production.
6.The jacket-type shearing kettle and refrigerating device will offer necessary technological conditions for the of low-melting-point active compound SC.

Diversified packaging types and specifications 

Automatic liquid packaging (bottled) from 50ml-1000ml, bagged liquid from 50ml-60ml, automatic liquid packaging (barreled) from the 5L-25L, (film rolling type) automatic powder packaging for 5g-200g and belt type automatic packaging for 250g-1000g. The packaging types can meet the diversified and individual needs of domestic and foreign customers.

2) Unibest's procurement department is good at supply chain management, for reducing risks and increasing sustainability, including

At least 2 suppliers for every material to avoid delay

Professional logistic team for hazardous

ERP common System

3) Unibest keeps investment in good and reliable suppliers to strengthen the collaboration, promoting the integration of production, investment, and financing.